Today’s researchers say that loneliness may be as detrimental to older people as cigarette smoking and high blood pressure! The multigenerational study done by the Stanford Center on Longevity’s Sightlines Project revealed that social engagement may be the single greatest guardian of health and endurance. There are many conjectures about why this is so. Social interaction generates mental stimulation, movement, creative thinking, emotional stimulus. It is true that a TV set can spur some of the same responses, but why is it that human interaction is so important? I’ve been thinking about the connection to homesickness. Could there be a parallel between what, in our youth, we call homesi

Death then Life

For this blog, I simply began to type. We'll see if my thoughts can not only be coherent but helpful. I'm sure it will help me to write it. I'm thinking about the life/death connection. The entanglement of two threads all knotted and messy. Never neat like a bow but a nest of confusion. The bottom line is this, "If there is no death, there can be no life." Death is the shadow, the dark side, that makes life shine. Last week 50 people were brutally murdered in a night club in Orlando. It takes everyone's breath away and sheer terror flows like a tsunami across the earth. Like concentric circles, those closest feel the depth of pain and those who are several tiers away observe the pai

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