Are You a Grimalkin or a Cougar?

OK ladies, how about some fun! New word of the day, Grimalkin. If you already know this word, I hope you’ll write back and tell us. I found it on a website that promotes a new vocabulary word for each day. I laughed out loud at this one, and it WILL become an often-used word for me! A Grimalkin is an old female cat by Webster’s definition. Old cats are the best, they are aloof, sedentary and only move for important things like eating and checking on new visitors and then retreating to the favorite spot. They tend to get a little paunchy in the belly and picky about what they eat. The Grimalkin makes no fuss about anything, minds her business and likes very few interruptions. Leave her

Hope Abounds in the Spring

Can you imagine an alien from another planet arriving in Kansas now to see the beautiful green grass and blooming flowers? The extra-terrestrial embraces his new experience enthusiastically and wants to stay forever. Then in a few months comes the Winter season and there is complete despair because everything dies and turns brown. They would have no hope, no anticipation of what was to come! Then Spring arrives and the rain commences and hope abounds...the green pastures and flowers return. What looks likes complete demise, is not dead at all, it is a part of the cycle!!! These are universal themes of life. Easter and Passover could not be celebrated at any other season. Spring

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