Life is Like a Road Trip

For every off ramp, there is an on ramp, same in life. You can get lost, at least for a while, but it helps to get directions from someone who knows the way. At times, as in life, there are emergencies. Some are easily fixed, like a flat tire or a doctor for a broken bone. Most of the time it is just an inconvenience. On occasion, there is a total breakdown. That happens in life too, where we just need a complete transformation. Now that takes time and some tender loving care. Of course, there are rules to drive by and live by. It usually works best if you follow them and people around you are doing the same. On occasion, you run into someone (excuse the pun) who refuses to obey and m

Planning A Future

Which statement is more powerful: Plan For The Future or Plan For A Future? I had a major paradigm shift when I thought about what a huge difference one little word makes. Planning for a future is a hundred times more potent because it empowers the individual to take charge of the future. Planning for the future has been my mantra for many years. Preparation avoids crisis and hasty decisions. I’ve met thousands of Elders and their families who are in a panic. The phone calls come daily. “I’m in California and my mom’s in the hospital in Kansas City and they say she can’t go back to her home.” “Mom was taking care of Dad, but now she’s had a crippling stoke. They can’t stay home.” There

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