Who Stole Your Identity?

Having your identity stolen and used in nefarious ways is a daily news topic. Even infants who are signed up for a social security number may be at risk. Elders are warned about protecting their personal information from scammers who call and offer opportunities that sound legitimate. The rule is never give your personal information to anyone on the phone. These creative scammers have a new variation every day. According to the Identity Theft Expert website, “Each year, approximately 15 million Americans are identity theft victims with financial losses to the country totaling close to $50 billion.” It is frightening to think someone is looking to capture your identity right now! They intend

He Died Peacefully

Do you read obituaries? I’m obsessed with them. It makes no difference if I know the person or not, I am just intrigued with what is written to capture another’s life. Obituaries are very expensive, so brevity is a financial must. For example, The New York Times charges $263 for the first four lines and then $52 per line after that, with about 28 characters per line. That would amount to the first three sentences of this blog! There are some unique patterns that I have observed after reading hundreds of them, probably thousands. Very frequently the author says, that the deceased died peacefully at home, and/or they died peacefully surrounded by family. It paints a lovely image that bring

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