From Station Wagons to Golf Carts

Did you drive a station wagon? That dates you for sure! Our family transitioned from a nine-passenger station wagon to a Volkswagen Van to a Chrysler Minivan! I have vivid memories of driving cross country on vacations with the kids playing in the back. In those days there was no sensitivity to seatbelt safety, and I am eternally grateful that there were no accidents. As the children moved away and had their own families, our cars got smaller, and theirs got bigger. I really don’t hear seniors complaining about downsizing their cars. To the contrary, there may be great delight in driving a little two-seater sports coupe at long last! The ultimate expression of automobile downsizing is the ap

The Back Nine

I love it when readers send me emails that pertain to issues on aging. There is so much written, and every once in a while, there is a gem. Someone sent along an article that used the phrase “being on the back nine” as a metaphor for growing older. At first, I was put off; it sounded a little negative. But the more I thought about it, the better I liked it! Since the article didn’t elaborate on the meaning, I asked my husband, the golfer, to help me interpret the possible allegory. He came up with some good ones! Getting to the halfway point in a round of golf has lots of rewards. Often you stop for a snack and beverage to start the final nine holes; take a break and get your strength back.

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