Who Packs Your Parachute

A friend recently sent me a link to an inspirational website that asked the question, “Who packs your parachute?” It is based on a true story about Captain Charles Plumb, US Navy Pilot, who flew 75 missions in Vietnam. He was shot down, parachuted into enemy territory and held captive for 6 years. After returning to the States, and being reunited with his family, he had a chance encounter with a man who recognized him from his time on the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. The sailor said, “I know you. I was working the day you flew your last mission and I packed your parachute.” That encounter set a whole series of events in to motion and Plumb has become a spokesperson of the “parachute” ph

Eulogy or Resume

Do you read the obituaries? I’m not sure when I started but I don’t miss a day, although I always wince when it is someone close to my age or younger. Some would say it is morbid, but honestly, there is nothing better than a really inspiring epitaph. I especially remember newspaper columnist, Naomi Peterson’s, obit with so many accolades concerning her education, illustrious career, talents and then a single sentence that was a shocker. “She was a former member of Sam’s Club.” I read it over and over and finally realized, she got the last laugh! Another great obituary was written for a gentleman stating that he died on the 17th hole of the golf course after scoring a birdie. The obitu

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