Fun is Antiaging

I’ve got a product for you. Guaranteed to reduce signs of aging such as grumpiness, boredom, irritability, loneliness, poor appetite, insomnia, dementia, weakness, stiffness, pain, arthritis, ad nauseam. The magic elixir for all these ailments is having fun. Remember you don’t quit having fun because you get old, you get old when you quit having fun! Anti-aging is a word we hear and see in print a great deal. It applies predominately to cosmetics. What does it matter if the face is perfectly smooth and flawless if there is no smile on it? Having fun with a dose of laughter, joy and enthusiasm are the perfect cure for sagging skin. When you smile, everything is pointing up! That’s maj

Age Appropriate

What does it mean to be age appropriate? Remember the phrase “Act your age, not your shoe size.” Your mom said it to shame you into acting more grown-up! I read recently in a fashion magazine that older women should only wear neutral lipstick. Really! No bright red rouge on the lips? I think “age appropriate” is always someone’s interpretation of how another person should act. So how should we express ourselves as we grow older? Does aging bring to mind rocking chairs, white hair, polite conversations and thick bifocals? Rachel McAdams, Canadian actress says, “I feel like I'm going backward, actually, as I get older. I'm regressing. I feel more and more like a kid, which is kind of a

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