Curiosity is the Key

I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression, “Curiosity killed the cat.” While doing some research I learned the original source of that phrase was “Care will kill the cat.” In the 1898 Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable it says, "Care killed the Cat. It is said that a cat has nine lives, but care would wear them all out." Shakespeare used the line in Much Ado About Nothing: "What, courage man! what though care killed a cat, thou hast mettle enough in thee to kill care." Over time the meaning was distorted to discourage people from asking too many questions. Recent research suggests that one of the key attributes of those that age vigorously is their curiosity! Eleanor Roosevelt said

Resilience is Powerful Energy

Maintaining our energy as we grow older is a critical topic for Seniors. We often reflect on our youthful years and the amazing energy we had. Books and programs abound that promote various ways to increase energy. Physicians, dieticians, trainers all have their own opinions about what works best. Dieticians want us to eat right for maximum energy, while doctors want us to lower blood pressure, control our blood sugar and take medications to increase energy. The world of exercise science has bloomed into an an $80 billion industry. I’m sure a hundred years ago, no one could imagine needing a gym to increase energy! Physical trainers are all about building muscle mass to combat fatigue and

First world Problems

Have you heard the phrase ‘first world problems’? I was late to learn about this very interesting phenomenon, but I immediately adopted the terminology. If you’ve not heard the expression, let me update you. We often use the phrase ‘third world’ as a description of poor, underdeveloped countries where the people who live there lack adequate food, clean water and shelter. Those are serious problems! But first world problems sound more like whining, as in “My boss gave me a two-week trip to Jamaica, but I really want to go to Italy.” Really, that’s too bad. I had a personal crisis just this week when my computer crashed and I lost all 2,000 contacts. I kept telling myself it was a first wor

Make Friends with Change

Ram Dass, an American spiritual teacher, said, “Make friends with change.” He made this statement after surviving a life-threatening stroke that left him paralyzed and unable to speak. With years of therapy, he regained some speech but is still wheelchair bound. He views his stroke as an act of grace that deepened his understanding of life and the purpose of suffering. With his grateful attitude and a glimpse of deeper understanding, he advises that we might as well open our arms to change. Aging is just one long stream of changes. Those that seem to navigate old age best become experts at adjusting, improvising, embracing the new freedoms and new limitations that are a part of the journey

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