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Does a Bathtub Solve the Problem?

Bathtubs??? I was looking online for topics that pertain to seniors. I had to laugh when the first topic listed was walk-in bathtubs. When a subject gets to the top of a webpage it means that it is frequented more often than any other topic. I’m not sure that many people see bathing as the #1 issue or that the walk-in tub manufacturers do the most advertising. It is as if remodeling your bathroom fixes all the issues concerning successful aging…really? In addition to the fact that bathing in a tub with a door on it can be a major flood risk, you get to sit in it naked while the warm water inches up on your ankles. It makes me shiver to think about it and you get to do the same thing as it slowly empties. But the truth remains that the issues that are most critical about aging in your own home are not remedied by installing a new gadget. What are the real problems with living in your own home as you age? In my opinion they are: loneliness, poor diet, medication mismanagement, physical barriers, security and home maintenance. All of these issues are solved when living in a community. Seniors are concerned about giving up their independence but I believe that giving up the aforementioned list will make you more independent than ever! There is no physical reconstruction that can cure loneliness unless you build a Starbucks in your front yard. It takes friends, family and caring people who are around you continually. Humans need a continuation of opportunities to learn and grow. You don’t quit being active because you are old, you are old when you quit being active. Aging certainly has its challenges. As Erma Bombeck said, ‘Aging is not for sissies!” The idea that a walk-in bathtub solves the problems is only a marketer’s dream.

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