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Are You a Grimalkin or a Cougar?

OK ladies, how about some fun! New word of the day, Grimalkin. If you already know this word, I hope you’ll write back and tell us. I found it on a website that promotes a new vocabulary word for each day. I laughed out loud at this one, and it WILL become an often-used word for me! A Grimalkin is an old female cat by Webster’s definition. Old cats are the best, they are aloof, sedentary and only move for important things like eating and checking on new visitors and then retreating to the favorite spot. They tend to get a little paunchy in the belly and picky about what they eat. The Grimalkin makes no fuss about anything, minds her business and likes very few interruptions. Leave her alone, except for some scratching around the ears and sweet talk, and she is content. Could any of you identify with this creature?

In contrast, consider the slang term Cougar. Defined by the Urban Dictionary as “An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man.” The cougar can be anyone from an overly surgically altered woman, to a sad or angry older lady, to a real hottie.” My immediate reaction from learning my new cat vocabulary was a laugh of recognition. Which one you are or who would you aspire to be? To heck with reaching backwards in life to recapture something that has been lost. Letting go of the past is a very liberating! Like the Grimalkin, growing into your authentic self with confidence, dignity, relaxed, and calm could be the new model. I like it! And don’t forget the occasional scratching around the ears and some sweet talk!

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