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Double Down

Recently my neighbors returned from a cruise to the Baltic Sea and St Petersburg, Russia and shared an encounter they had with some fellow passengers. In the conversation, their shipmates mentioned their ages, 77 and 79 years old, and their thoughts about future travel plans. Much to the surprise of my friends, instead of saying they were going to slow down their future itineraries they said, “Now that we're at this age, we really need to double down, because we’ve got so many places we want to go!” My friends fully expected them to say they were going to slow down, but to the contrary, they decided to increase their travel plans!

There’s a life lesson here for sure. Our typical thought process is, with age comes constraints, and you simply must taper off activities. What would this ‘double down’ attitude mean in your life? How often do we set our own limitations because we think we’re too old? Life is always about attitude. “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right!” We are constantly inspired by those who overcome obstacles to pursue their dreams. Whether it is physical limitations or financial challenges, people overcome hurdles to accomplish their goals. We should not let age, which is just a number, be our reason to stop living to the fullest. Whether it is traveling, taking up a new hobby or going back to school, age is not a limiting factor, unless you believe it is. Think about doubling down instead of slowing down!

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