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Eulogy or Resume

Do you read the obituaries? I’m not sure when I started but I don’t miss a day, although I always wince when it is someone close to my age or younger. Some would say it is morbid, but honestly, there is nothing better than a really inspiring epitaph. I especially remember newspaper columnist, Naomi Peterson’s, obit with so many accolades concerning her education, illustrious career, talents and then a single sentence that was a shocker. “She was a former member of Sam’s Club.” I read it over and over and finally realized, she got the last laugh! Another great obituary was written for a gentleman stating that he died on the 17th hole of the golf course after scoring a birdie. The obituary goes on to say that his sons loaded him on their golf cart to finish the 18th hole before going back to the clubhouse! At some point, you realize it is a hoax. It turns out that he had written it himself as the perfect exit, but of course, it didn’t happen that way.

I like to think of a eulogy as a continuing resume. We can anticipate every new chapter of life and expect that we will continue to experience new things, become more interesting and maybe more light-hearted. Death is not losing; it is the universal closure to this earth experience. Knowing that it is our common bond, we should encourage each other to embrace every chapter to its fullest. What could the last years, months and days of your life bring? Perhaps you will make your greatest statement yet! Maybe you’ll mentor and inspire a young person. Possibly you’ll bring hope to a total stranger. The finest eulogies depict characteristics like kindness, love, generosity, wisdom, forgiveness and yes, humor. There is always time to add to your life resume with those qualities! To continue the conversation leave a comment or contact me at


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