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Aging Philosophy by Connie Mason Michaelis

Excerpt from Daily Cures, Wisdom for Healthy Aging

What is your philosophy on aging? The most critical factor in your personal aging experience is the way you think about it. That includes how you prepare for it and how you accept it. I believe that very few people give thought to their personal aging philosophy. The dictionary defines philosophy as “a precept, or set of precepts, beliefs, principles, or aims, underlying somebody’s practice or conduct.” I’m sure most people feel that their attitude affects their personal life experience, but do you believe that your philosophy on aging is a major factor in determining what your experience will be? I can guarantee that attitude and philosophy are much more significant than age and/or physical condition. If you just listened to the aging talk in our culture, one might think that getting old is hell.

What words do you associate with aging? Do you think of words like infirm, worthless, sick, weak, helpless? Or does your vocabulary contain words like valued, carefree, relaxed, wise? I work with fabulous Seniors who are having fun, involved in favorite hobbies, and taking time for themselves. Even if they have health challenges, they are surrounded by a strong support group. These folks believe in a full recovery so that they can get back to their book club, Bridge game, or Tai Chi class! I encourage you to embrace the aging process and decide today to be a proud, active Senior with an exciting future. Surround yourself with people who love and appreciate who you are. One of my best and brightest friends, Edna, is 103. She runs circles around most of us. She has a great aging philosophy, and it has served her well!

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