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Just Now Old Enough (page 1 of my new book Daily Cures, Wisdom for Healthy Aging)

This is a personal story that has had a lasting impact on me and one that may speak to others. It started on the morning of my 65th birthday. I was having a quiet time, as I usually do each morning and was feeling a little morose. After all, it was a BIG birthday, and I was thinking about time, or I should say the lack of time, to do all the things I had dreamed of. The back story is that I had always thought that I would experience some significant success in my life. Maybe invent something to save lives, or have a powerful message to share on a worldwide stage, or write a bestselling book. I called it my rich and famous dream! Well, up to that day it had not been manifest. I must say I was having a bit of a pity party and no one was attending but me. And then the thought came…

It was a divine inspiration, and I know the idea did not originate inside me. The message was, “Connie, you are just now old enough!” I was completely taken back. “Really? At 65, I am just now old enough to do my best work!” It was such a powerful thought I hopped out of bed and was filled with energy and excitement about the future. This thought could apply to anyone, at any age. Every morning you are just old enough to face that day. You have the right amount of experience and wisdom to bring to the tasks at hand. My 95-year-old mom’s daily prayer was, “Lord, if you don’t take me home today, I’m here and ready to do your will.” The point is you are never too old! As a matter of fact, you are just NOW old enough. You’re not getting older; you are getting better! The worst mistake is to believe your days of productivity are over! Because of that thought, I am making plans for the future. More to come on that topic.

“You you are just now old enough!” Connie Mason Michaelis

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