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Less Healthcare

Excerpt from Daily Cures, Wisdom for Healthy Aging

I’m not touching the Affordable Healthcare debate, but I am sure about one thing; the healthier we are, the less healthcare we need! Dr. Deborah German, Harvard Medical School graduate and current Dean of the University of Central Florida College Of Medicine, is a refreshing voice of reason and knowledge. She says that medical schools are shifting studies from an exclusive disease focus to a much broader lifestyle focus. Although curing disease is always a necessary component, the prevention of disease is within our grasp. It makes sense that it is time to take responsibility for our health status and stop depending on doctors to fix everything for us. It is time to stop rolling our eyes when a health professional says that we need to modify our diet and increase exercise.

Dr. German says, “It is never too late to make a lifestyle change…never!” She is personally passionate about the role that our lifestyles play in health and is encouraged that the focus on prevention is now taught in major medical schools all over the nation. We have plenty of support to make changes. Teachers are in magazines, books, and online. No one has a legitimate excuse. We all know it is not about instruction; it’s about getting out of the chair and moving. For those that do, there will be a remarkable improvement! We used to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Now we can say the same about a walk a day! Grab your partner or friend and go for a walk, then eat your apple!

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