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"You are just now

old enough." 

Connie Mason Michaelis, Author/Speaker

 The message of Just Now Old Enough is a powerful word of encouragement to anyone at any age, but especially older citizens.  It is never too late to start something new.  In a culture of ageism, this is a voice of empowerment and support for all Seniors.


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Connie Mason Michaelis ... 

an enthusiastic and passionate advocate for the entire arena of successful aging.  With years of work in the area of hospice, durable medical equipment and retirement living, Connie has become a knowledgeable problem solver for the many issues of Senior transitions. 


As a weekly newspaper columnist Connie has become known as an expert in the field and speaks and writes to encourage and support her audience.  She works directly with Seniors and with companies that serve them: retirement communities, healthcare organizations, and all Senior industries. 


Through storytelling and humor Connie can move her audience towards embracing the necessary changes to live the last chapters of life to their fullest.  Changing paradigms, planning for the future and preparing for all circumstances lead to a life of peace, happiness and satisfaction.



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“As a former coworker of Connie's, I was able to watch her guide and support seniors during this important life transition. Her years of experience working in the field of senior living make her a true expert. You can trust she has your best interest at heart.” 

Kim Fertig,

Marketing Specialist

"When it came time for my mother to move from her home to assisted living, Connie's knowledge made the transition easier for all of us. Her understanding of our concerns and emotions helped us navigate this unfamiliar terrain. When you don't know which way to turn, it's great to have a competent guide!​"

Margaret Carkhuff

Daughter of resident

"Connie is a literary treasure in our community. Her weekly articles in the Topeka Capital Journal entertain and inform her readers on the many aspects of senior living. The quality of her journalism makes it a "must read" for myself and many other readers."



John D. Minnick, J.D.
President, Minnick Capital Management​

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