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Dedicated to Stan

Stanley and Pat are new friends. They winter in Arizona, and we’ve become acquainted in our neighborhood. Stan, at 93, and Pat are undeniably inspirational. Stan is an accomplished businessman who combined his interest in music to build and operate a well know Supper Club, La Chansonett, in New York City in the 60’s. His first wife, Rita Dimitri, who passed away in 1997, was a multilingual vocalist and ebullient spirit who gained popularity in Europe and joined Stanley in the US as his wife, and premier performer. Stanley became her accompanist in the intimate supper club. Today, Stanley and Pat are the epitomai of superagers who continue to live active, vibrant lives and inspire many others.

My ‘Dedication to Stan’ story is based on a poignant lesson he taught me. He told me he had a rough time a year ago with a health issue which involved a lengthy hospital stay and many doctor visits. He admitted that he almost did not make it. The fact is he not only survived this catastrophic health event but is recovering magnificently. Here comes the punch line. One of his doctors told him that he should not ask for so much improvement because after all, “You’ve lived a good life!” Stanley did not take that well, he said, and I quote, “Bullsh*t! Don’t write me off because you think I should be grateful that I’ve already had a good life!” Lesson learned…our life is not like a commodity that is limited because we’ve used up our allotment of good days. It is not like we’re dishing out ice-cream, and the container is empty, and you don’t get any more. He reminded me that the expression, “You’ve had a good life” is not a switch to turn off the future. He utterly rejected that doctor’s words and is actively pursuing more of the good stuff: more exercise, more travel, more friends, more daily piano playing, and yes more ice cream!! Thank you, Stanley, for helping me understand the power of words, and we can always pursue more of the good life! Visit me at!

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