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Planning My Exit

As a special treat to myself on my seventieth birthday I went on a retreat in California. It was a time of personal introspection, growth, exercise and healthy eating. There were about 250 other attendees, but I went alone. It was a mixed group of folks from all over the US and several other countries. I probably was one of the older attendees, although I met a delightful woman who at 90 put everyone in the yoga class to shame! Needless to say, there were many great conversations with a diverse group of people of all ages. A typical introduction might include your reason for attending or how many other retreats had you been to. I began answering that question, almost jokingly, by saying that I was planning my exit.That brought some curious responses, such as, "Are you moving, or getting a divorce?” But I was talking about my Final Exit - wanting to plan it and do it well. When I signed up for the retreat I was more focused on the relaxing time away, but it became very apparent to me that I truly was there for a deeper purpose. At this time in my life I’m being very conscious of course corrections that I should make or just want to make. Recognizing my life expectancy is closing in, I want to make sure that these last years are the best of my life. Death is a sure thing (and I embrace that to the best of my ability) but living to your fullest is optional. I meet plenty of people who are settling for a mere waiting game, filling their lives with doctors’ appointments and Wheel of Fortune. Many people think that pre-planning their funeral is their last decision. Why not pre-plan your goals and activities for the last years of your life. Continuing to live fully isn’t an accident, it’s a choice! Having this exit conversation makes some people very uncomfortable, and I’m sorry about that. But being intentional about the end of life makes so much more sense than drifting to a cemetery plot. Let’s talk about planning our exits on Facebook at Just Now Old Enough.

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