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What if You Got Paid?

I had a wonderful sales and marketing mentor years ago that left a lasting impression on me. Although we were selling cosmetic products, her focus was on personal sales style and people skills. Her advice was not so much about what we were selling, but the how and why we were selling. More specifically she drilled home the message, “It’s not what’s in it for me, but what’s in it for them.” It was about putting the needs of others first. Of course, I was interested in making the sale for financial gain, but she never focused on the end result except to say, “If you could get paid for being nice, kind and generous - how much would you get paid?” Observing her mannerisms and her financial success, I knew she was right. That guidance put things in a different light and it certainly encouraged me to be as nice, kind and generous as I could be!

So often I think of that advice today. In a world of self-serving and looking after number one, it would be refreshing to have a contest which rewarded those qualities of serving others. And the truth is, there is a big payment for treating others graciously because what you give to others, you’ll receive in return. The paycheck may be of the heart, but there’s a chance it will land in your bank account, too! As we grow older those paychecks of the heart are priceless. And to leave the conflict and striving behind and enter into a time when we focus on being nice, kind and generous is a beautiful thought. Age brings a lot of freedom - less competition and conflict and more room for generosity. It costs us nothing to say a kind word and gives back a fortune! Treat today as if you’re getting paid for being nice, kind and generous! How much will you get paid? Join the conversation on Facebook at just Now Old Enough.

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