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Destination Addiction

Excerpt from Daily Cures, Wisdom for Healthy Aging by Connie Mason Michaelis

When I heard this term, it hit me right between the eyes.  Someone who suffers from Destination Addiction is one who is always waiting for the next problem to be fixed so they can be happy.  I remember dreaming of the day my children would be potty trained, and then I dreamed they would all be in school---all day.  Then I would have some free time, and I could be happy.  Some of my friends wanted to get pregnant so that they could be happy!  I was always planning on happiness in the future.  At every stage of life, there are things to be accomplished and goals to meet.  Waiting to be happy and fulfilled is a dangerous habit.  Will you be happy when you lose weight, get out of debt, buy a bigger house, or downsize into a smaller space?  When you think of happiness as a destination, it is always out of reach, or it is fleeting because we have a moment of bliss, then we are right back to worrying.  Is it possible to be happy today and recover from this addiction?


As we grow older, this is particularly problematic.  Time is of the essence, right?  Like other addictions, this habit is difficult to break. Alcoholics Anonymous coaches addicts to trust their higher power and live one day at a time---maybe one hour at a time.  We have the choice to worry and fret or release and get happy.  Why not today?  How long will you wait?  There are countless things to worry about, and worry steals your joy.  I am going to choose to be a recovering destination addict.  I want to abandon the regret of the past and the fears of tomorrow and embrace this moment.  As for me, I choose today and happiness. How about you?

"People wait all week for Friday, all year for Christmas, and all life for happiness."


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