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How Can I Be the Elder that Young People Want to Be Around?

Daily Cures, Wisdom for Healthy Aging by Connie Mason Michaelis

  • Do not be a complainer or talk about how good things were in the old days. Share the stories of your childhood and adulthood and the differences that you see. But don’t infer that they have an inferior experience.

  • Ask young people questions about their lives. Be quiet and listen and then reflect on what you heard them say. Be genuinely interested and plan to learn something.

  • Get up every day and dress like something important is going to happen! Young people admire those that care about their appearance. Put your makeup on, shave your face, and put on clean clothes that have a little pizzazz.

  • Keep up with current events that they are interested in. Be a reader and ask them what they are reading. Ask them about their viewpoints on politics, religion, etc. Don’t say you hate their music, and only Frank Sinatra could sing!

  • Admire, respect, and love the young people that you have the privilege of being around. Young people get plenty of criticism, even bullying. Choose to be the person that affirms their lives. You will be a magnet for their company.

  • Old people have a reputation for being grumpy and close-minded, and there is validity to that reputation. So, chose to be the antithesis to that.

The added benefit of all this is that your life will be extended because of the interaction with younger people. You will become more youthful and energized by them. Their energy will become your energy. And as an added benefit to them, they might listen to some life-changing wisdom that you could share from your own experience. But you have to earn their respect and confidence. Be that wisdom and open a path for it to flow!

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