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Walking Home

Excerpt from Daily cures, Wisdom for Healthy Aging

I recently read a quote by Ram Dass that says, “We’re all just walking each other home.” When I read this quote, it brought tears to my eyes. The mental picture of walking someone home is so powerful. The very act brings to mind safety, concern, security, love, camaraderie, friendship. Did you ever walk home with a friend from school and have so much fun that at your destination, the two of you decided to walk to the other one’s home? The pleasure was in the journey. Did you walk your children to and from school the first few days of school? Have you ever walked with a stranger who has lost his way? Showing someone the way is a much greater kindness than just telling them. Giving directions is much less personal than walking with them. Walking someone home epitomizes tender loving care. Do you think of walking through life with people? It might not be for a lifetime, it might be a short interval, but if we had that state of mind, we might view that relationship differently.

It certainly is a powerful thought as it speaks to my work with Elders. I literally have had the privilege of walking people home as they transition from this life. But it works both ways. Getting to spend time with Seniors allows me to gain wisdom and guidance for my own journey home. Who is walking who? It is such an honor to spend time with those that are wise, seasoned, and experienced. On a daily basis, I see that age is an attitude; old is a state of mind. As kids, it seems quite natural to hold hands with a friend and walk home. When you’re older, you get to hold hands with your friends again! I would add to Ram Dass’s quote: “We’re all just holding hands and walking each other home.”

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